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Spending hours looking at street snaps
is one of my passions, whether or not I see gals, it's fun.
But ones devoted to just ギャル make me happy in the pants

This is old but I still get giggles when I check out how dirty the dudes are o_o
SeaSnap via crew.vc
Case in point

haha sorry
MY KINDA DIET!i want to buy these for someone

Random links

What are your fav street snap sites?

Why are they always eating?!?!?!?!

I will have her hair color :3



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Aug. 5th, 2009 10:16 pm (UTC)
buy http://pics.livejournal.com/filipinocupcake/pic/000rka64/t6464z these for me ! lol
thanks for the links ^8^
Jan. 28th, 2010 01:20 am (UTC)
Madame Holly,

I know this is completely unrelated to your entry, but I just now received your b-day card in the mail. Not only was it a beautiful card itself, and full of warming words, but the generosity it contained left me speechless at your kindness. It is indeed odd how we came to know each other, but that, among many, were valuable lessons in our lives.

I do wish we could have had chances to hang out while I still lived there, and perhaps we can still since Michelle and I are moving to Austin hopefully in the near future. Speaking of my ever-lovely Michelle... uhm, we're now fighting over who gets to hump your leg first lol. To be honest, no one's ever done something so unexpected and kind to either of us before.

While I am horrible at commenting on the journals of others, I do read from time to time, and yes, always wish the very best for those who, like yourself, wish to live to the fullest instead of in consistent complaint as if never satisfied *side-long glance as if looking at a past relationship right next to him, a thought now, but briefly at the fore-front of mind lol*.

We actually just now looked up the town of Nachogdoches, and it looks quite beautiful! Reminds me a little of Plantersville where they hold the Renaissance Festival, and looks about as far from Austin as Michelle and I currently live (Rio Hondo). And it looks like you have been doing very well for yourself, or, at the very least, happy and going as far as you wish with your life ^_^ And I am being honest when I say you deserve it.

Anyway, I better close this off, and thank you again for the card and your kindness. I usually after a while throw away cards, but this is one I'll keep! I will try to write a snail-mail proper reply when time permits, but just know that when we are living in Austin, you'll always be welcome for a visit, and definitely to the wedding ^_~

*Warm hugs and best wishes in all that you do* <3
-=Sage and Michelle
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